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At one time our home was in Chicago and we are increasingly shocked to see the changes that have taken place over recent years. Chicago is now a sanctuary city and continues to be controlled by the party that provides more protection for citizens of other countries than it does for its own American citizens. Chicago is well known as the city where its residents continue to vote for Democrats even from the cemetery.

Where we see a major change is that when you get within about 50 miles of Chicago from any direction the character of the area starts to change. An example of this was in Indiana coming in on I 65 on the day before the 4th of July holiday we pulled off for gas and after filling up we see a nearby restaurant and when we go in we see a flag displayed for celebration, but it is not the flag of the United States of America, it is the flag of Mexico. As we get closer to the city we see more evidence of Mexico.  Is it possible that the word is out in Mexico itself that if you get to one of these sanctuary cities areas like Chicago, you will no longer be questioned about your legal status?

We then had another example of change. Chicago has always been a strong union town with good but a bit high priced tradesmen. We found a plumbing problem in the home in which we were staying, so we contacted a firm for help. As you can guess the union tradesmen had been replaced and the new cheaper “immigrant workers” that showed up did not even have the right tools and had to come back a second time. You have to ask “How did the unions, who we know support the Chicago democrat organization, allow their own members to be replaced?”

The amazing thing about all this is the solution is so simple. Mandatory E-Verify. If there are no jobs available for people who are here illegally most will not be here. Is that so difficult to figure out? Whoever opposes that is just basically anti-American. Examples: The Chamber of Commerce, the Koch Brothers and their Americans for Prosperity organization, the Democrat Party, George Soros and his various organizations. Their reasons may be cheap labor, more democrat voters, or just to destabilize America, but if they oppose E-Verify they are not a friend of America.


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America