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Dear Friends of LIFA:

We have an exciting joint-project on border security and state sovereignty with Tom Trento from The United West and Dr. Ron Wexler from Heritage Study Programs.

In May of 2018, my husband Jim and I went with Tom Trento, Dr. Wexler and Judge Jeanine Pirro to Israel to participate in Jerusalem Day festivities and the celebration of the US Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Indeed, it was a life-changing experience for us.  While in Israel we saw first-hand how to solve border security issues and that WALLS WORK!

In light of the current crisis on our southern border, LIFA is working with The United West in promoting its upcoming fact-finding expedition to Israel, May 25 – June 4, 2019, for the explicit purpose of learning exactly how Israel solved its border problems. These multifaceted problems are very similar to America’s border issues, therefore this information from Israel will help mobilize Americans to assist President Trump in implementing fact-based solutions to national security border problems.

Jim and I strongly encourage you and like-minded friends to join The United West and go to the Holy Land to ask the question – DO WALLS WORK?


Participants of this unique mission will see first-hand how border walls and barriers stop close to 100% of any illegal penetration to Israel.  Participants will visit the border of Israel and Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza border, the Lebanese, Syrian, West Bank and most importantly the security wall in Jerusalem.

Intelligence briefings are scheduled with local leaders, academics and researchers, intelligence officers, police, military leaders, government officials and counter-terrorism experts.

All this in-depth study is highlighted by the participation of Dr. Dan Tirza, the main driving force behind building the complete border security systems of Israel. Dr. Tirza is a renowned expert and he will be part of The United West mission in May 2019.

Please go to the website, review it carefully and sign up, security clearance and limited space require very early registration. Please consider joining this unique and timely opportunity. Check the following for sign up information.


Amapola Hansberger

Legal Immigrants for America


Tom Trento

The United West


Dr. Ron Wexler

Heritage Study Program


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