A Letter from President & Founder Amapola Hansberger


Dear friends of LIFA

I am not popular with the Left which labels me and LIFA hateful. But most of you would know the SPLC and La Raza would speak evil about Conservative Latinos and take their opinion with a grain of salt. When we don’t fall in line with their Leftist Agenda, the attacks come.

But we are also attacked by many on the Right that have fallen for the Leftist propaganda. They may call themselves Republicans but if they oppose the most fundamental issue facing us today then they are no longer justified in that Republican title. The Huge issue is: do we continue to be a sovereign country or do we become a borderless one.  One that believes in the redistribution of wealth from the American people to those who show up at our borders without concern of whether they are friends or enemies?

I want to address the election of 2018. There is no greater or more important election in the horizon for conservatives than the 2018 and most of you that visit our website know that.

Here are some suggestions to patriotic Americans. When you get the candidate’s brochures or pamphlets look for the “elephant in the room” which is the topic of illegal immigration.

If it is missing in their ads, we can presume they are NOT for president’s Trump Agenda of MAGA.  The building of the wall, deporting criminal aliens, making America safe, and his “Hire American and Buy American” theme.

When attending a Meet and Greet or town halls, make sure to ask the critical question that candidates that want to join the Swamp don’t want to be asked: “Madam/Sir: How do you feel about illegal immigration, Sanctuary cities, DACA, Amnesty, Employers be forced to use E-Verify, and what would be your solution to those problems?

If the candidate is ignorant of the fact that ILLEGAL immigration is at the root of the success or failure of economic policies, national debt reduction, the lack of full time employment for our young and a myriad of other issues, he is not to be sent to Washington. He will work against our president’s plans to MAGA.

In closing, I’d like to make speak about Nicaragua and my personal experience there. In 1979 the Nicaraguans chose to embrace Socialism/Communism and the suffering began to this day for ALL of us. Directly, or indirectly, we who had family and relatives there, have not stopped being affected.

Today, those same people are giving up their lives to try to divorce the LEFT. Do we want to elect the sympathizers of Socialism, Globalism, Marxism? No! Let’s make sure we don’t.


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America