A just released study by a German influential left of center institute finally confirms the almost exclusive ‘Pro-Refugee’ and ‘Pro-Migrant’ news coverage that smothered Western Europeans in 2015 and 2016.

The perceptions of my relatives and friends have at last been substantiated and their pleas for more sensible and stringent immigration policies vindicated.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the media here and abroad would cease to tell us how and what to think (often with the tacit approval from unscrupulous, scheming politicians)?

The so called “Reporters” should “report” the facts at hand without the addition of personal narratives.

Opinion journals and news sites abound where the gamut of ideological leanings is echoed by columnists and editorial writers.

This type of coverage should however not be construed as the truth and nothing but the truth.

Unfortunately the line between factual statements and opinion journalism has too often become indistinguishable in this day and age.

We must hold peoples’ feet to the fire and call them out on their dishonest reporting wherever and whenever we encounter it.

How else can we right wrongs when they haven’t even been properly identified and for all to clearly see?

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