Good debate analysis from August Provedor


Democratic Debate yesterday 6/26/19 Wednesday

From August Provedor

Subject: Democratic Debate yesterday 6/26/19 Wednesday. –


Hello friends and family:

Again, without partisanship, here is my modest analysis of the salient points of this lengthy b.s. session of last night.

Besides attacking and blaming the current elected President for everything, and us viewers having to endure sound

glitches, having to bias and sworn enemies of Trump, and these two at a given moment just ceased on being moderators

and allow the folks on the stage so at each other, wow! not even on a high school debate, would such a mess take place. –

But, the characteristic of blatant falsehoods and the funneling of misinformation to the viewers that were rampant, there

were gross lies that stemmed from some of the participants’ statements.


.-.-Julian Castro: He will vie to have an Equal Rights Amendment passed???  Wow! That is heavy… Helloooo!!!  the Equal Rights Amendment

dates back to the year (circa) 1963, but it sure sounded good…very clever man this Mr. Castro.- Also he delved unto “”inequalities” of all sorts.


.-.- Tim Ryan: (again on wage inequalities)…60% of Ohio workers have not seen a wage raise since 1980 !! False !!! And if it were to be true which is

NOT,,,what did he do to solve this???  You guessed it: NADA!! And,  the chant of the 1% controlling 90% of the wealth  went on and on.


.-.- Beto O’Rourke: Denying the stats on the Tax Cuts implemented by President Trump. Here statistics speak for themselves.-


.-. -Elizabeth Warren: Paying off all student loans, wealth inequality, and the American worker hurting under the current administration. –


.-. -Corey T. Booker: A touch of racism, again wealth inequality. But Mr. Booker ignored were the statistics on economic growth and that the

unemployment stats are the lowest in nearly five decades. –


The tone of all others was very similar, besides blaming, hating, accusing Trump and their thrust towards impeachment, not to his [Trump’s} achievements. Now, an old habit has resurfaced…accusations of

groping and molesting scores of ladies thirty and forty years ago. …Does the smearing attempted to block the appointment of Supreme Court

Justice Brett Kavanaugh ring a bell???


Now tonight Joe Biden will be on stage. He has changed positions on key issues, nothing new here.

When he was the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he destroyed the reputation of Anita Hill, in his [Biden’s] attempt to derail the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, to such an extent that Justice Thomas told Biden “that all you need Senator Biden is a tree, since you have the rope to stage up my daytime lynching”….and that folks are just a couple of behavioral beauties from Biden. Here is a man who states professing the catholic faith and yet he is in favor of killing babies. He claims not being a racist, yet see what he did to Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. He worked with two hardcore racists  senators then he made light and funny comments about it…and, oh by the way,

China is not an economic threat to the USA, and…Russia “is on our side”,   huuuuuh??

These are just samples of complete lack of moral fiber of this man.


May God Bless You all, and May God Bless America.