Great opportunity offered by Hillsdale College to learn more about the US Constitution.


Big News from Hillsdale

Kyle Murnen


I have important news.

As you may know, Hillsdale College provides free online courses to anyone wishing to learn more about politics, history, Christianity, literature, free-market economics, and other subjects of abiding worth. More than 2.1 million students have enrolled in a Hillsdale online course.

These courses have proven to be an effective way of educating millions of Americans about the Constitution and our nation’s great heritage of liberty.

Our most popular course is “Constitution 101.” It’s also the most urgent.


There is a movement underway to recast American history as a tale of oppression rather than of liberty and hope. The aim is to sever the ties that bind Americans to our founding principles and to the Constitution, and thus pave the way for a further transformation of American government. For this reason, “Constitution 101”—a twelve-lesson course taught by Hillsdale College Politics faculty—is an urgent project for the preservation of constitutional government in America.

As part of our Constitution Day Campaign—Hillsdale is launching a new, updated version of “Constitution 101.”  The updated course has:

  • The same superb teaching and scholarship from Hillsdale faculty as the original.
  • Improved visuals to help students engage with material and follow the argument of the lecture.
  • An updated analysis of the political situation in America and the status of the Constitution today.

Please use this link to pre-register for the new “Constitution 101,” set to be released on October 1.

When you pre-register, you’ll join hundreds of thousands of Americans who have chosen to practice good citizenship by learning about the principles of the American Founding and the attempts to distort or alter that understanding throughout our history.

Warm Reguards,

Kyle Murnen, ‘09

Director of Online Learning, Hillsdale College

Pursuing Truth—Defending Liberty since 1844


P.S. Will you please consider becoming a member of Hillsdale’s Liberty & Learning Society? By joining the Liberty & Learning Society, you will help counter assaults on the American Founding and preserve liberty and limited government under the Constitution for future generations.

We are currently in a campaign to add 2,000 new members to Hillsdale’s Liberty & Learning Society by midnight on Constitution Day—Tuesday, September 17.