Dear Friends Of LIFA:

It is always the innocent bystander that gets hurt.  Those who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How many of us grew up in countries where you had to anticipate you might have to defend your life or that of your family and went about prepared to do so?

How many of us recognized that the aggressive attitudes of many of those coming in caravans was dangerous?  Those people were resettled throughout the United States, including in Minnesota.

What appeared dangerous then, has been evidenced as so this week.  How can you explain the large number of anti-American anarchists that showed up to burn buildings, destroy property, and steal from stores?  Violent people using the peaceful protest to desecrate what is sacred to Americans and start an insurrection of major proportions in our country.

How many of us that love the United States of America have been praying for peace and healing of our land?  Millions!  Sadly, our Polk County Sheriff is right, it is not enough to pray, you have to be proactive and use our 2nd Amendment right to protect yourself.  Waiting for the police might be too late.  The attached u-tube videos graphically show how some were brutally attacked by the mob for trying to defend their businesses.

We pray for the family of George Floyd and offer our condolences.  We thank his family for denouncing the horrible acts of burning businesses, looting, and defacing monuments, falsely committed in the name of their son and brother.


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Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America