LIFA - Legal Immigrants For America -- at the Boycott Disney protest, Orlando, Florida, October 17, 2015

Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) has continually informed Americans about the problem of H-1B visa abuse in this nation.

The most egregious example of this H-1B visa abuse may be the case involving Walt Disney World, right here in Orlando, FL, when Disney laid off about 250 American-born IT workers and replaced them with cheaper, foreign-born workers, and even forced the laid-off American workers to train their foreign-born replacements if they wanted to receive their bonuses on their way out the door.

The Magic Kingdom became The Tragic Kingdom to those unjustly laid-off Disney IT workers who have now sued Disney in a class action lawsuit, alleging national origin discrimination.

Another area where H-1B visa abuse is being seen these days, more and more, is in the field of higher education.

Today, many colleges and universities in the United States are hiring foreign-born educators at all levels – lecturers, adjunct professors, assistant professors, full professors – and are costing American-born professors the very same job opportunities.

Young, American-born academics are being severely injured by this situation. The value of an advanced university degree in the United States has become devalued as a result, as academic job opportunities are given to foreign-born professors instead of to American-born academics. Many times American-born PhD candidates are offered teaching positions with wages that rival what they could earn at McDonald’s.

The result is that American exceptionalism is being punished instead of being rewarded. A young person who studies hard and obtains an advanced degree, even up to the PhD level, frequently is presented with nothing more than barely-minimum-wage teaching options once the degree is obtained.

The H-1B visa program was designed with the intent to bring to America outstanding foreigners who would better the American economy – but not at the expense of American-born workers. That, however, has become more and more of the case these days, be it at Disney or in academia.

Anti-Americanism seems to be rampant both in the lecture halls and also in the hiring offices of many colleges and universities.

LIFA will continue to educate Americans and engage politicians and candidates on the dire need to fix the H-1B visa system. H-1B is broken right now, and far too many Americans, be they at Disney World or the world of academia, are paying a heavy price as a result.

This unjust situation cannot be allowed to continue any longer!


Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

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