Dear Friends of LIFA:

Although there are plenty of other issues we could address, the following has been purposely hidden from the American people.  We aim to end that.

This is about the “graduate student” or adjunct professor.  Our brightest Americans, those who earned the academic trophies and medals in their youth but made the choice of becoming professors need this administration’s help.  They spend years studying and they get to the point where they have completed all of their course work, have taught three or more years, their dissertations being the only obstacle in their attaining their PhD.

They soon find their universities will go to great lengths to keep them from reaching their goals.  Complaining is not an option.  That can get them fired and their dreams go up in smoke.  Universities do not care.  They can access plenty of professor candidates through the H1-B visa program.

Adjunct Professors at private and public universities in some states earn salaries somewhere between $12,000 to $15,000/year.  Although they work as hard or harder than tenured professors do, universities keep them earning “part time” wages. Some older adjunct professors have died because of their inability to get insurance to fund their treatments.

In the meantime, the H1-B visa holder professors brought from Russia, India and other parts of the world to teach the same courses earn salaries that, by law, must start at $75,000!  Their H1-B academic visas exempted from the 6-year expiration.  They stay in America indefinitely and the American adjunct professors never get a chance.

Many of those foreign professors may only have Masters, yet are given the teaching positions normally offered to PHD’s.  The “American first” Agenda of President Trump, has brought jobs and a good future to many.  Before we fill those jobs with non-citizens, shouldn’t those jobs be offered to our own graduate students and PHD candidates.  In many cases we have individuals who have their full PHD that are unemployed and in effect have been replaced by the H1-B Visa holder.

President Trump would be the first president in history to have gone against the juggernaut universities with their huge endowments and tuitions that keep increasing ever year.  By addressing this injustice President Trump could go a long way to combat the left leanings of the academic world.



Amapola Hansberger,


Legal Immigrants for America


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