From the Golan Heights


The Golan Heights is a beautiful, strategic highland in Israel’s north. It’s a delightful destination and will soon be the location of a new community to be named “Trump city.”

Yes, that’s right. A new city named after President Trump is in the works. Groundbreaking is June 12 and some 100 inquiries have come in so far, “mostly from families in the U.S. and Canada who say that they want to make aliyah and live in ‘Trump city,'” a Golan official told the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom.

President Trump, you may recall, recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan in March. He won near-unanimous praise in Israel for the move—but outrage and scorn at the UN, the global headquarters for vicious anti-Semitism.

Since its founding, the UN has condemned Israel some 700 times. And yet it has NEVER ONCE condemned Hamas. Not even after the terrorist group fired some 700 rockets at Israeli civilians earlier this month.

That’s standard operating procedure at the UN.

Just last year, the UN General Assembly passed 21 resolutions condemning the Jewish state. But only six targeting the rest of the world. The UN treated Israel—a glittering island of freedom–far worse than rogue regimes like Iran, Syria or North Korea.

And you and I, as American taxpayers are footing the bill. Every year, the U.S. provides nearly $10 billion to the UN–roughly 22 percent of its total budget.

And year after year, the UN repeatedly condemns Israel—the one stable, democratic and free country in the Middle East.

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Mat Staver


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