He is right, our pastor said nothing about abortion on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Did yours?”


I’m guessing your pastor didn’t say much about abortion last Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Too many churches were silent on the one day each year when it makes the most sense to address our country’s abortion problem.

And we let unborn babies down.

I don’t want our churches to let them down again next Sunday. Do you? That’s why I am excited about an online course that can transform our churches’ response to abortion and save lives. It’s called Making Life Disciples.

Trust me, your pastor will have a hard time saying no to a course that helps his congregation get passionate about empowering parents to choose life. All of the usual excuses – too political, too offensive – won’t apply. This is about helping people.

You can take the self-paced course here: https://www.carenetu.org/library/

If you want to take it as part of a group with your friends, check it out here: https://www.carenetu.org/library/mld-groups/about/

Wouldn’t it be great if this was the year that our churches took ownership of the abortion issue?

Blessings to you,
Roland C. Warren
President and CEO, Care Net


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