“Young, involved and under grave suspicion”

“Audio recordings become problematic for “Youth Saves”

“Libya’s mighty General an obstructionist towards Italy”

“Too many are coming across the Mediterranean Sea, and they are the wrong ones”

“Will Germany soon be Islamic?”

In the case of the first two headlines the ensuing articles shed light on the German non-governmental organization (NGO) “Youth Saves.”  Their purported “Refugee and Migrant” rescue boat has been impounded by Italian authorities due to the suspicion that the crew’s actions for all intents and purposes amount to human smuggling.  Instead of carrying out supposed rescue missions, “Youth Saves” engaged in “Maritime Mule” activities.

According to the third headline Libyan General Chalifa Haftar promises to bomb any Italian ships that enter Libyan, sovereign waters in the Mediterranean.  (While on rescue missions!)

The fourth article finally asks the European political elites whether the mass migrations across the Mediterranean to Western Europe from the Middle East and North Africa can possibly continue, considering most of the new arrivals are poorly educated (often illiterate), have difficulty assimilating, if at all, without the infusion of tremendous financial resources, and harbor physical ailments (and often psychological baggage) not seen in Europe for decades.

In the fifth headline the question arises whether Germany will soon turn into an Islamic nation.

Personally I have told family and friends for a decade now that Europe will be “Eurabia” by the year 2050.  Little did I know that European political elites would invite and welcome with open arms millions of foreigners into their populations’ midst.

Numerous times my friends dismissed my warnings as fear mongering or just plain crazy.

Now my dirge has climbed to the top of the charts.

One wonders what news the European media would cover, if it weren’t for the refugee/migrant crisis?

Last but not least we are informed about a document that was discovered in the ruins of Mosul, Iraq, identifying a large number of (European) ISIS fighters and their clandestine cells that are ready to activate at a moment’s notice.


The Europeans are literally reaping what they sowed.

Let’s hope we do not make the same mistakes in this country.

Authored by a Legal Immigrant from Germany

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