If America is lost where do we go?


Dear Friends of LIFA:

In the American Patriot’s Bible there is a Call to Action that starts like this:

“During some of the darkest days of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln reminded his fellow Americans that “we have been the recipients of the choice bounties of Heaven.”  To be born in a land of freedom, to live in a nation founded as “One Nation Under God” by those who served the one, true God of the Bible, is both a tremendous privilege and a great responsibility.

While we have much to admire, to love and to be thankful for in being able to call America our home, our nation is rapidly drifting from its biblical foundations.  Our freedom to serve God and to promote the gospel in our land is disintegrating.  We are engaged in a great spiritual battle that threatens our country, our families, and our lives.  Only God’s intervention will return America to solid footing and restore a moral nation that righteousness will exalt.”

Can anything anyone say express what we are seeing today better than the above paragraphs?  It goes on to ask for prayer, process, participation and perseverance.  All of them necessary to win this ungodly war we are engaged in.  The only good thing about the increase in the intensity of the attacks against our freedoms and way of life from the Left, is that they no longer hide their allegiance to Socialism/Communism/Marxism/Islamism, their hatred, or intention to destroy the United States and to convert us into one of those totalitarian forms of government.

Lenin said:  “the goal of Socialism is Communism”.  The most important thing to teach young people about Socialism/Communism, etc. is to have them visualize how they will feel when their parents, grandparents, and family members lose everything they ever worked for and show up in their apartments with tears in their eyes, seeking refuge and food.  Grown children suddenly ending up with a house full of family members they will have to take care of.  Abject poverty visiting everyone, young and old.  The redistribution of misery!

Can they visualize how they will feel seeing a limited group of elites become immensely wealthy with the stolen money from private property and confiscated businesses, living like kings, while the people starve and the socialist powers have become practically impossible to dethrone.

This has happened repeatedly wherever socialism/communism has taken over.  Look at Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua all within a few hundred miles of the United States shores.

Would they then decide, as it has happened to many, that they must leave the country and seek asylum in another one.  But…. wait!  The United States has been the beacon of freedom, the city on a hill, and the last place on earth where the victims of Communism could go.  If America is lost where do we go?  



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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