If Mexico follows thru on this, a major part of the caravan problem will be solved. A Trump win again.


Mexico Sending Troops to the Border to Help with Security


Nothing gets a nation’s attention than having to pay a lot of money when trying to trade with another nation.

The President has stated that new tariffs would be placed on Mexico if they did not assist in securing the borders and stop the flow of asylum seekers coming through their country.

This week Mexico has agreed to help stop that flow of people that are heading towards the United States.

Mexico has proposed in the negotiations that they are going to overhaul the rules that govern those that would seek asylum in their own country.

In order to help stop the free-flowing pulse of people heading north, Mexico is sending troops to their southern border shared with Guatemala.

The talks between Mexico and the United States have been going well. The threat of tariffs has gotten the attention of Mexico, and they are now willing to come to the table and talk things through.

Monday was the deadline to avoid the tariffs. Mexico must act quickly in stopping the flow or the tariffs will be put into place.

The flow of migrants coming north from Central America has been increasing over the past few months. Many of the people are seeking asylum from their home countries because of the unrest.

The problem is that Mexico is not allowing those people to seek asylum in the country. The standard rule of asylum-seeking people is that the first country they come to is where they should seek asylum.

This is an international standard rule that is observed all over the world.

One news agency had reported that the White House is delaying the tariffs. But this statement brought a response from Sarah Sanders as she has stated that the “position has not changed, and we are still moving forward with tariffs at this time.”

Mexico has agreed to move 6,000 troops south to their border that they share with Guatemala.

This is the border that people are coming through from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. It is here that the caravans of people had their start. The people that start out usually get together and form a caravan of people as they head north.

Mexico is seeking to change their policies on accepting and processing asylum seekers. The changes would help divert much of the flow of people from reaching America.

Any changes that Mexico makes to their asylum rules will only influence the asylum laws of the United States.

Lawmakers in the U.S. are considering different bills that deal with immigration but still have not come to any solidified agreement on a new immigration standard.

The White House is considering a rule that the United States would only accept an asylum seeker if the U.S. is the first country they came to.

Any person traveling from a Central American country through Mexico would not be eligible to be granted asylum.

Mexico needs to act soon to secure its southern border.

Roberto Velasco Alvarez, who is the Mexican Foreign Ministry spokesman, has stated, “The conversations continue advancing. We are exploring options to meet the growing number of undocumented migrants that cross Mexico. No agreement has yet been reached, but we continue negotiating.”

For now, troops will be placed along Mexico’s southern border until an agreement can be reached to govern the flow of asylum seekers.

One idea to help people that are seeking asylum is to assist their home country’s combat poverty and starvation. There are many ways that nations can rally together to assist those in need in other countries around the world.

May was the highest month in the past 13 years regarding border violations and arrests that the United States has seen.

President Trump continues to put the welfare and security of the United States at the top of his agenda.

He has also encouraged lawmakers to assist with the border crisis by coming up with dramatic changes to American immigration policies.