Illegal Alien Student Waves MEXICAN Flag During Graduation Ceremony


Illegal Alien Student Sticks It to America During Graduation Ceremony, Waves MEXICAN Flag


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

An illegal alien who graduated from the University Of California – San Diego last Wednesday, outraged many Americans with what she took with her to the podium to accept her diploma.

She took out a large green, white and red Mexican flag, shouting as she opened it wide to the audience.

Indira Esparza, 22, came to the United States from Mexico when her parents illegally crossed the Arizona border when she was two, but is still a Mexican citizen, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

While a student at UCSD, Esparza established the Undocumented Student Services Center so that she and other undocumented students could talk about “shared insecurities” they “suffered” as a result of their immigration “status.”

But if Esparza was feeling “insecure” about being illegal, she certainly showed the opposite, arrogantly displaying her Mexican flag and yelling “Yeah Mexico” or “Viva Mexico,” according to mixed accounts of other students.

This despite the fact that the Mexican government did not contribute a single penny to her education. In fact, Esparza reportedly received direct aid for “undocumented students” by the State of California, along with affirmative action admission preferences.

Former DHS Secretary and now UCal president Janet Napolitano enacted $5 million in such college aid for illegals as her very first act in 2013 — which critics have said takes aid away from hundreds of American citizen students.

And of course, she and her parents were able to prosper, without being deported for at least 20 years, likely receiving free medical care, welfare and other services that 88% of Mexican illegals receive in the U.S. each year.

Yet did she wave an American flag to show her appreciation? Nope. She stuck it to the very taxpayers who paid her family’s way while letting them continually break our laws.

Even readers of the liberal paper were less than pleased at the insult:

Gary Ashman responded:

Undocumented Student Services. How insane is our nation that we provide space for people who proudly declare their illegal residence status so that they can talk about their “struggles”?  How can anyone respect the law if it can be so openly and proudly flouted?

Another wrote:

 Im a veteran and this type behavior makes me sick. You know how the american people treasure their flag so why would you do such an ignorant act? Your friends and family will say how sweet and what kind person you are but this was mean rude disrespectful to the men and women who have laid down their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice so that you can get an education then you return the favor by waving the Mexican flag?


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