According to a recently released Associated Press report, only barely half of all of the people who entered the United States illegally via Mexico in 2015 were captured by immigration authorities.

The AP story was based on an internal report by the Department of Homeland Security. The statistics are very troubling.

Only about 54% of those who entered the USA illegally via Mexico during the 2015 fiscal year were captured by authorities. That’s barely half of them – which means that 46% evaded capture and entered the USA illegally, including an unknown number of felons and terrorists.

DHS normally likes to publicize a capture success rate of about 81%, but the 54% figure is more accurate – and more troubling.

The 46% failure rate means that about 170,000 people eluded capture and entered the USA illegally. Where are they now and what are they up to? What criminal and terrorist plans may they be hatching here, right under our noses and in our own backyards?

It is estimated that the government spends about $14 billion a year in border security – and this only gets us a 54% success rate.

This news is even more troubling because the 54% figure only includes the capture rate at the Mexican border, and does not include those who may have eluded capture at the Canadian border or those who may have entered the USA illegally by sea. That adds probably another 200,000 illegals to the aforementioned 170,000 figure, bringing a grand total of some 370,000 illegals who entered the USA in 2015.

And remember: that’s just 370,000 illegals in the year 2015 alone. The 370,000 figure must be added to the number of illegals who have entered the USA in previous years as well.

The Associated Press report is extremely troubling for anyone who is deeply concerned with immigration in the USA. Some 370,000 illegals entered the USA in 2015, and it is totally unknown as to how many of them are preparing to engage in criminal and terrorist activities in our nation.

Tragically, and as we know all too well from past experience, ll it takes is one.

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