Dear Friend of Lifa:

We the People, have the right to ask the “Orlando Trust Coalition” in Orlando, Florida if they consider America a country of laws. This “coalition” seems to be a combination of far-left pro illegal immigration groups who have the ear of the elected officials of Orlando and the surrounding Orange County.

They ignore the fact that our Immigration laws are fundamental laws that exist to protect the people and the nation.  All countries have them.

They rebel against a dictate put out by the administration of President Donald Trump earlier this year that our immigration laws need to be enforced.

The “Orlando Trust Coalition” quietly went about pressuring local politicians in Orlando and in Tallahassee to institute an Ordinance, similar to that of a Sanctuary City to assure “immigrants” they don’t have anything to worry about and codify what Orlando, Florida is already doing:  Denying federal requests to hold illegal aliens in police custody and to notify ICE and DHS. This would be breaking the Federal law in Title 8 U.S.C. s 1324.

In the article in the Orlando Trust Coalition Archives- Florida Politics website, they report that more than 30 groups rallied at Orlando City Hall.  Among them Mi Familia Vota (My Family Votes), Central Florida AFL/CIO, The Farm Workers Association of Central Florida, the Unite Here, locals 737 and 262, the National Farm Workers Ministries, and Hope Community Center.  They claim to represent, Hispanics, Haitian, Arabs, and Muslims here in America.   But most of the natural born Americans and legalized American citizens of Orlando, of any ethnic background, had no idea this was happening.

The actions above show, that even after so many tragic events caused by those who shouldn’t be in our country, these people do not want to pursue a legal solution, one acceptable to Americans to achieve legalization.  They insist in having our government make an exception and afford them legal status without them going through any process mandated by Immigration authorities.   They do not care if they are being used as SHIELDS for terrorists.

Every country in the world has law abiding and lawless citizens.   It is their behavior that places them in a category.  They object to being profiled, but they can only blame themselves for illegal actions that are predominating to a particular group.   They ignore the fact that millions of law abiding Americans of Mexican and Spanish ancestry (for example), feel safer when law and order reigns in their neighborhoods.

Our elected officials foremost obligation and duty should be to protect the safety and well being of their constituents, not to play God and offer people they choose (that are citizens of other countries) the benefits created for the citizens and legal residents of America.

The effort to make Orlando a pseudo Sanctuary city is anti-American.  Their goal of being guaranteed better treatment under the law than the citizens of Orlando and America is unacceptable.

Orlando residents have the right to vote for the protection, safety, and retention of property values, which will go down as the city becomes more lawless.

LIFA suggests you help us by calling elected officials both in Orlando and in Tallahassee.

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America