The 2018 midterm elections promise to be pivotal.       

Help us get out the truth about illegal immigration!

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We are launching our campaign to make a documentary about the definitive issue of our day — immigration. All else hinges on this issue and how we resolve it — the economy, national security, and even questions of race and religion. In short, what we do about illegal immigration and who wins in this coming election will decide the future direction of the United States.

We believe the time is right to reveal truths about illegal immigration you never heard about. 

Conventional commentators and pundits parrot the theory that first term president’s parties lose seats in mid-term elections. That is conventional thinking by conventional people. You might even call it “fake news.” Had they been right in 2016 President Trump would not have been elected. His signature issue – the one that has resonated with voters across the land – is immigration, the invasion of illegal aliens, the wall.

Immigration will be the deciding issue in this next election too, and LIFA’s film will be a loud voice in the debate.  Until recently, Americans have been unaware of the damage caused by illegal immigration. Now they want to know more and are energized as they are beginning to understand illegal aliens, anchor babies, diversity lotteries, sanctuary cities, DACA.

Against a backdrop of the legal immigration that has been a feature of American history from the beginning, way before the American Revolution, Illegal Aliens Vs America will reveal the truth about the victims of illegal immigration, including migrants forced into sex slavery by human traffickers or used as drug mules.

Pandering unpatriotic politicians and their media codependents have emotionally manipulated and cynically misled the American public for decades, and now Americans are waking up to the truth, and the truth is a real nightmare for many.

With your help, we will make a documentary about the impact that both legal immigrants and illegal aliens have on the United States. We will show how this issue directly affects all Americans, current politics, and the future of the republic.

We will drive home why we have to vote for politicians who are clear on this issue, who will fight to build the wall, to enhance national security, and to control immigration for the sake of our culture, civilization, and generations to come.

This is a crucial passage for the United States of America.  Those we elect this November will decide the future for our children and grandchildren.  LIFA’s film will positively affect the next election.

In preparation we’ve met with legal and law enforcement figures ready to be interviewed and give us firsthand access for our production. We produced the trailer and our funding videos above to give you a sense of our perspective and production values.

With your help, we will hire experienced professionals to work on our documentary and a well-known celebrity host, as producer Chris Casler did in tapping Charlton Heston for his political documentary that helped defeat California’s notorious anti-gun ballot Proposition 15 by a margin of 2-to-1.

You can give as little as $5 or as much as $10,000. You know what you can afford, but even the smallest amount is important because it tells the unvarnished truth about all forms of immigration in America, a subject routinely distorted by the mainstream media.

Please give what you can. The only resolution to this issue — currently stalemated on Capitol Hill — is for a revolutionary transformation of our Congress that allows the president’s immigration agenda to save our country.

Filming will take place in August and the film will be in distribution a month before the midterm election. Our budget is $30,000 that will cover crew, equipment, travel (e.g. to both sides of the Mexican border and Washington, DC), editing, postproduction, and license fees for stock footage.



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Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is a nationwide 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.


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