LIFA has produced this trailer for a new film that is in the planning stage.



LIFA has produced this trailer for a new film that is in the planning stage. If you would like to make a donation of any size toward this production it would be much appreciated. $10, $20, $100 Anyone who donates $50,000 or more will be considered a co-producer and offered the opportunity for a cameo appearance in the film.”.


Illegal immigration has expansive ramifications.  The question should be:  What doesn’t it affect?  We have silently watched in horror how illegal immigration has brought about decadence, poverty, and devastation to the American people.  We believe the time is right to reveal truths about illegal immigration you never heard about.

Until recently, the public has been unaware of the scale of the damage caused by illegal immigration – much of it casually accepted or ignored by political leaders of all stripes and many government officials. The media, except for a few lone voices in the wilderness, has been silent or, worse, shamelessly critical of those who worked hard to get out the truth about this situation.

Our film’s goal is to reveal the truth about illegal immigration — set against a backdrop of the legal immigration that has been a feature of American history and politics from the very beginning, way before the American Revolution.


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