Immigrants: LIFA Founder Writes Wall Street Journal


LIFA’s Fearless Founder’s Letter to The Editor of The Wall Street Journal takes the paper to task for failing to distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants.

The “Those Assimilating Immigrants” article of October 8 has a major flaw that we frequently see. The problem is that the 12 million “Illegal Immigrants” has nothing to do with the 80 million or so “Legal Immigrants”, yet this article paints them with the same brush. Most Legal Immigrants, and I am one of them, have been well behaved citizens in their home countries and have been subjected to background checks. They came eager to assimilate, learn English and become American citizens. They salute the flag and respect the rule of law. They spent thousands of dollars and years in the process. Illegal Immigrants start out breaking the law and in many cases still celebrate the flag of the country they left. They come lured by the benefits we offer them, free education, social security, Medicaid, etc. Over 50% of Illegal Immigrants either are or have been on some form of welfare. The California jails are full of illegals not legal immigrants.

Another not widely reported statistic is that 40% of all Hispanic Legal Immigrants are in favor of deporting the illegal aliens and feel that the criminal aliens should be deported immediately. By the way the Hispanic Legal Immigrants are the ones that have the right to vote. The illegals do not have the legal right to vote although in California along with their drivers licenses they are given a voter registration form. Kind of hard to explain that one isn’t it!!!

We have also seen the argument that turning a blind eye to the Illegal workers is good for the economy. There are 92 million Americans that are not employed, at least a portion of whom would like to work but, have given up looking for jobs so they are technically left out of the “unemployed” percentage. Should we not consider providing employment for more Americans before we try to justify employing the people who break our laws?

Amapola Hansberger

President, goLIFA Legal Immigrants For America


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