Discrimination Against American Workers


Immigration Discrimination Against American Workers.

Greetings, Friends of LIFA.

Last week LIFA released “How H-1B Visa Abuse Harms American Workers,” a video featuring Robert Heath, who has experienced open workplace discrimination because of his nationality and his age.

“How H-1B Visa Abuse Harms American Workers,” has been widely distributed and viewed thousands of times.  It was embedded in two articles by Neil Munro published on Breitbart.com (see links below).  LIFA, “The Voice of the Voiceless Legal Immigrant,” has been heard loud and clear. 

This work is only possible because of the support of readers like you, and we thank you for your generous support of our mission to protect Americans from discrimination and the other evils of illegal immigration battering our nation.

We have released another video about illegal discrimination against American professionals perpetrated by foreign outsourcing companies.  These companies get contracts from American employers and provide them with lower-skilled and lower-paid employees.  The money saved on lower payrolls benefits the company and its shareholders at the expense of American workers.

When I recently explained this to a west coast friend he told me about his son-in-law whom Microsoft forced to train his replacements before being fired.  The young man still hasn’t found work in his field.  Another friend (one not as well-informed as LIFA’s supporters) reacted with outrage bordering on disbelief. 

“What?!  Foreign outsourcing companies openly discriminate against Americans?  Don’t we have laws to prevent that?  The Department of Justice should hear about this.”

Actually, yes, the DOJ has been contacted about this discrimination and other widespread employment-based visa abuse.  And some action has been taken, but arguably not nearly enough. 

LIFA has just released its latest video, “Immigration Fraud.”  This video features an American career IT professional who worked at Infosys – the huge outsourcing company based in Bangalore, India – with responsibility for hiring and firing other professionals for scores of well-known American companies.  He worked in “the belly of the beast,” and in the video he reveals the practices Infosys uses and the huge fees they receive.

This gentleman is shown in silhouette with his voice disguised.  He has shared his story at great risk to himself and his career.  Having been fired and replaced at Infosys, and with a family to support he doesn’t want to jeopardize his livelihood.

          You can see “Immigration Fraud” here:

What YOU can do:

Senate Bill S.386 may again come up for a vote this week.  Support your fellow Americans; call your Senator to insist they vote against this harmful legislation.  And please continue to support LIFA with your donations.

Thank you.

Christopher Casler

Executive Producer

Legal Immigrants for America


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