Infected aliens being released in America


The hypocrisy of the Biden administration is beyond belief. They are enforcing mandates for masks and vaccinations while at the same time they are releasing infected illegal border crossers into the country. As they unload these covid carriers into McAllen, Texas for example where the city is forced to test them and handle them, there have been over 850 people found to be infected. They are then allowed to go anywhere they want and end up infecting people throughout America.

The government then publishes that the covid is spreading so we all need to get vaccinated. Those that spread these truths become victims of the cancel culture. This campaign of misinformation has become the law of the land.

Sometimes the left however, decides to “eat their own”. They have decided for example to destroy Governor Cuomo even though what he is being accused of seems to be common behavior of the Washington elites.

Millions of people throughout the world are lining up for all the free benefits that American citizens are willing to provide them, if they just cross our open borders. Will they still come when America runs out of money and becomes just as diseased as the countries they are trying to escape?


God Bless America

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America