Is it racists to want law and order to reign in our country?


Dear friends of LIFA:

Happy New Year!  May God continue to bless us all with unprecedented prosperity, opportunity, and growth.  May 2019 be the year the church responds to unifying the message of God’s position on the most important issue facing America today:  Immigration.

So far it is only a small percentage of pastors that preach on that subject at all.  Most other preachers just recycle the interpretation of the Word of God by the Left on how defending our homeland is bad, and racist but celebrating the entry of people who ignore our laws and refuse to be vetted is kind, godly, and philanthropic.

It is scary how so much of the pulpit has bought into the lies of the Saul Alinsky followers with their twisted ways of making good appear bad, and bad appear good.  What about the Americans of all ethnicities that have died at the hands of illegals?  What about the sin of disobedience to God, who establishes governments and states that when you disobey the laws of governments you are disobeying His laws?  (Romans 13).

We know that some denominations are being paid to host and help new comers legal or illegal.  That’s common knowledge but wouldn’t the United States be better served if those churches donated that money to the poor American citizens that are here and need the help. We would applaud that.

In a sermon recently, a pastor who has always posed as being non-political, labeled people that dislike the act of illegal immigration as racists, judgmental, and hateful.  Here are some questions:

  1. Is it racist to refuse to place your country, home and children’s safety at risk when those entering happen to include “people of color”? What does race have to do with it?
  2. Is it racists to want law and order to reign in our country?
  3. Is it racist to object to funding, with your taxes, the amazing benefits illegal aliens enjoy, when these programs are not available to those that come legally from those same countries?
  4. Is it racist to prefer our government take care of our homeless veterans in our streets, before taking over the responsibility of other country’s governments to take care of their citizens?

Illegal immigration victimizes both Americans and illegal aliens.  Last year 400 illegal aliens died in the process of entering our country.  A wall could have prevented much of that tragedy, as it has in Israel.

If those people had been persuaded to come to America through the legal process or to stay home and concentrate on changing their own countries, they would be alive today.

We are encouraged by our president’s determination to build the wall and his stoic stance of ignoring the insults rendered from those who idealize Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Syria.  Let this be the year we see the wall built and our president achieve his goal of Making America Great Again!



Amapola Hansberger



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