Is this the future? Other countries’ citizens will now decide elections in New York City. Is your city next?



Need proof that mass immigration is nothing more than a giant power grab? Take a look at the New York City Council’s latest decision to allow citizens of other nations to control the issues most important to New York American citizen families.

This is part of a nationwide campaign to give the vote to “citizens of other countries” in order to subvert the voting power of United States citizens in as many elections as possible.

They call them “noncitizens.” But this is a lie.

They are citizens – just not of the United States. And they have the right to vote in their own countries, too.

Just what is a “citizen,” and how is it defined?

Going back to ancient Greece, a citizen is a special office holder in a democracy: A person with a right to participate and shape the will of an electorate in a republic like ours.

The brainchild of hyper-partisan Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland, giving other countries’ citizens the right to vote in our elections is, he thinks, an easy and surefire way of ensuring one-party political dominance for the foreseeable future.

Already many jurisdictions under Raskin’s influence in Maryland give the right to vote to aliens.

This will not stop at local elections.

In fact, Raskin and his allies believe the U.S. Constitution permits states to give the vote to other countries’ citizens even in national elections.

And it’s just a matter of time before this push begins.

If you believe, as I do, that United States citizenship is sacred and deserves to maintain its distinction as an office with privileges, protections and responsibilities, please consider helping FAIR at this juncture as we prepare a major pushback at all levels of government against this unwise power grab through our American Civics Education Project.

Your rights, my rights and those of your children’s children, hang in the balance.