If the United States of America truly wants to protect its borders, then it should take a close look at Israel and how it handles immigration.

Israel is surrounded by enemies. It is a small nation, only about the size of the state of New Jersey, and neighboring states are constantly seeking its destruction. As a result, Israel must remain extremely vigilant in its immigration policies. No Swiss cheese-like borders, no amnesty, no “acts of love” by illegal immigrants flooding into the country. No driver’s licenses, no free college tuition, & no cell phones. Not when you’re surrounded by Muslim nations which are targeting you for destruction.

As reported in Ann Coulter’s compelling book, Adios America, and citing a New York Times blog, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to construct a fence on the border, and even opposition leader Yair Lapid was in agreement, supporting the construction of the fence as well as “the arrest and deportation of infiltrators.”

Imagine that: Israel is a nation where both the conservative prime minister and his more liberal opposition are in complete agreement about protecting the nation’s borders and also arresting and deporting illegals!

In 2012, Israel had approximately 60,000 illegal immigrants. Israel immediately arrested them and deported them by bus out of the country. The New York Times, which is hardly pro-Israel on its editorial page, reported that an Israeli citizen who witnessed the deportations said, “It must be done or tomorrow we will have no country and we will have to look for another one.”

Sound familiar?

Israel also built detention facilities on its border to house refugees who needed to be held there until there was political stabilization in whichever country from which they came. Some people howled at the idea of the detention facilities, but Netanyahu didn’t care. “The infiltrators,” he said, “who were transferred to the special detainment facility can either stay there or go back to their home countries.”

That, my friends, is compassion.

For Netanyahu’s fellow Israeli citizens.

Benjamin Netanyahu fully understands that an illegal immigrant invasion of Israel means the end of Israel.

It’s the same for the United States.

That’s why Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) was established. To save this nation. To protect our borders and our citizens, both native-born and legal immigrants.

Join us in this battle! Support LIFA today!

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