Dear Friends of LIFA:

From the beginning of time Satan has used deception, lies, and the twisting of truth to confuse and manipulate us. He is still working the same way through his followers. This time he has caused people around the world to be paralyzed with fear, staying indoors for months, wearing masks, not visiting elderly parents and not going to work or school.

Have you ever questioned the veracity of the CDC and the Media reports? If you have, you are not alone.  There is some inflating of numbers going on.

Three Latin ladies in Miami went to take the test. They filled out the form, waited a long time and decided it wasn’t worth the wait and went home. A few days later all three of them received a notice that they had tested positive to COVID-19!! When I told the story at church someone replied the same thing had happened to two friends!

My own sister, who battled with cancer and congestive heart failure in a nursing home in California, passed away in May.  The cause of her death in the Death Certificate?  COVID-19!! To our knowledge she had several ailments, but did not have COVID-19.

Last Wednesday on a Spanish language program, I heard a most interesting interview of an infectious disease doctor. I do not have permission to mention his name here. His words are worth repeating. Here is some of what he said:

How dangerous is COVID-19?

“The prognostic on young, healthy people, is very good. Their chances of death from the Coronavirus are minimal. The prognostic on healthy children is even better. I see more negative consequences for not opening the schools in the United States than for the risk of infection. Many countries have opened their schools without any problem. 

The Coronavirus disease is highly contagious. Vacationers at the beach need to be careful not to become infected. We have been using the transfusion of antibodies or plasma as a treatment with great success. 

The virus won’t be eradicated. If we come up with a vaccine, it may have to be reinvented every year like the vaccine for influenza because viruses mutate.

Has this “pandemic” been politicized?

Incredibly so! I have never seen anything so politicized to create hysteria! When 22 laboratories in Florida report 100% positivity, that is IMPOSSIBLE!

People today need to be tested to be admitted to a Nursing Home. If they test positive the first time, they have to go back and be tested again until they get a negative result. Young people get tested for multiple reasons, and, like the seniors above, they must be tested several times until the result is negative. What makes NO sense is that every time they take a test the result is added to the totals. So, two patients tested 5 times each, count as 10 positive cases!  

On April 25th, 2020 doctors received authorization permitting them to declare COVID-19 as the cause of death in Death Certificates without requiring evidence to back that up. Even deaths due to automobile accidents have been reported as COVID-19 and patients were never given the test! There are many instances where no one will ever know the true cause of deaths!

One thing is to die having the Coronavirus and another is to have the Coronavirus kill you!”

Who can believe the CDC or the Media anymore? Obviously, seniors and high-risk people need to continue to take precautions but the rest of the population should not give up their freedoms indefinitely and contribute to the destruction of our country’s economy and way of life.



Legal Immigrants for America

Communications Director