Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots asks for our support


Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Action

Next Tuesday evening, President Trump will give his State of the Union to the nation. He will likely reveal his own action plan on the border wall. Lawmakers have until February 15 to come up with a bill that will include funding for border security but it looks like a compromise may not happen by then. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in her press conference yesterday she was unwilling to compromise with President Trump and refuses to put the security of America first. She also remarked “winning is good” as she entered her first press conference since the end of the partial shutdown. If winning is the only reason why you’re locking horns with President Trump on border security then shame on you, Speaker Pelosi!

President Trump, who is very aware of the crisis at the border and in our own country, may resort to executive action if Congress is unwilling to compromise on border wall funding.

The only excuse Pelosi and other Democrats are willing to use against the need for border security is the wall is “immoral.” Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin went to the border a couple weeks ago and wrote about the increased security in and out of our country at airports since the 9/11 attacks. Is airport security immoral? Would it be immoral to put those coming into our country through the same scrutiny we put our own citizens through when they travel by airplane from state to state? Most Americans would say absolutely not.

Democrats can’t seem to get any of their talking points to stick. Everything they say leads to an extremely radical agenda to only protect illegal immigrants and ignore the state of our country and its citizens.

If you haven’t already, sign the petition and then share it with your network on social media. Second, call the House and Senate conferees negotiating spending legislation and urge them to include funds for border security. We must build a wall so crime will fall!

This week, a bill introduced in the Virginia General Assembly by delegate Kathy Tran, would surpass Roe v. Wade by allowing abortion up to birth. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was asked for his opinion on the matter and he took it a step further by saying a mother, and two doctors should be allowed to choose whether a baby lives or dies after the child is born. Life is the first unalienable right listed in the Declaration of Independence and it is shocking that Democrats are becoming so brazen about terminating life, even up to and after the baby is born. We wanted to highlight this to you as this is sure to be a hot button issue in the months to come.

We are uniting with other conservatives against H.R. 1, a resolution crafted by House Democrats to undermine the American electoral system. Deranged Democrats are disguising the bill as a way to “restore democracy” and “prevent corruption.” This bill is the definition of corruption. It’s objective to is to protect their incumbents at the expense of First Amendment rights, federalism, and voter integrity.

  1. H.R. 1 undermines the First Amendment.
  2. H.R. 1 yanks election authority away from the states.
  3. H.R. 1 attacks individual voter integrity.

Among other draconian changes, H.R. 1 would cause sweeping and irrevocable damage to the free speech, privacy, and integrity that are central components to free and fair elections in America. We oppose H.R. 1 in the strongest terms, and urge all conservatives to do likewise.