Job Creators Network provides some very factual economic information


“It’s clear the tax cuts have had a big impact on not only my business, but the broader

economy—pushing wages up, unemployment down and economic growth through the roof.”

– Guy Berkebile, JCN member, Congressional Testimony


AMERICANS MOVING TO LOW TAX STATESNew data from the Census Bureau shows Americans are fleeing high tax states and setting up shop in low tax states. New York and Illinois—two of the most taxed states—are seeing an exodus of people heading to states like Texas and Florida, which have a lighter tax burden.

CONFIDENCE RETURNS — With the shutdown in the rear-view mirror, business owners are again confident about the economy. New JCN polling found that at least 50 percent of Americans now rate the economy as “good” or “excellent.”


TAX CUTS ARE WORKING — JCN advocate Guy Berkebile of Guy Chemical testified in front of the House Ways and Means Committee, where he discussed the positive impacts that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is having on not only his business and employees, but on the broader economy. Read his testimony and watch his Fox News appearance.

WORK TO BE DONEWe’ve Cut Taxes. It’s Time to Extend the Cuts & Simplify the Tax Code by Elaine Parker. “Guaranteeing the tax relief will extend well into the future will allow small businesses to better plan investments and also grant individuals more peace of mind about their own financial security.”

BUILD UNITYCongress needs to unite and pass this key infrastructure legislation by Alfredo Ortiz. “Our lawmakers must work toward the benefit of the country, not to the detriment of the opposing political party. While the Generating American Income and Infrastructure Now Act represents a critical first step toward the spirit of compromise, the bill is more than just symbolic. It will provide tangible assistance to millions of Americans, particularly minorities, in a fiscally responsible manner.”

TRUMP FIGHTING PREDATORY TRADE PRACTICESTrump Tariffs Are Solving the Bigger Problem by Alfredo Ortiz. “Congress should give President Trump the tools he needs to continue his fight against unfair trade practices administered by the rest of the world. Maintaining our strong stance until the other side blinks will ensure that an era of free trade and open commerce will soon arrive.”

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDSBlue-state Democrats back tax cuts for the rich in pursuing SALT reform by Alfredo Ortiz. “The exposure of blue-state residents to their full state tax bill is one of the greatest, if rarely mentioned, aspects of Trump’s tax cut. It will do what economic and empirical evidence have failed to do: check the insatiable taxing appetites of blue-state politicians.”

WHAT IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE? — You may have heard of the Federal Reserve or “The Fed,” but what is it and how does it affect you? Learn all about it in our animated video.

THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY – Mandatory spending constitutes the majority of our federal budget every year. But what exactly is classified as “mandatory” and is this good for America? Learn more about mandatory spending


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