Keep Building The Wall


Dear Patriots

I hope you’re all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend with your families. While most Americans are relaxing, many of our donors are likely doing something for a veteran, or mourning the loss of a loved Patriot who paid the ultimate price while protecting our great nation.

This Memorial Day Weekend is extra special for the We Build the Wall, Inc. team, as we have been working overtime to complete the first section of border wall.

Yes, you read that correctly; we are completing the first section of southern border security barrier, as you are reading this.

We selected this weekend as a tribute to America’s fallen heroes, who laid down their lives for our country’s freedoms, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that the United States of America remains the greatest country in the world.

Our team, headed by Brian Kolfage, has been diligently working, over the last few months, in order to identify locations, prioritize needs, and manage the first section’s construction.

In addition to selecting this weekend, we also decided to select a very special property. You see, the owner of this property reached out to the US Army Corps of Engineers, only to be denied because the mountainside terrain was too difficult to build and falsely considered as being a natural barrier, despite the fact that 300 illegal aliens were recently apprehended, by border patrol, nearby.

We Build the Wall contracted Fisher Industries, which will have the majority of wall in place today and complete this section by Friday May 31st.

Our first section was built to have an immediate impact on drug smuggling and border crossings. This section required significant amounts of site work at a rugged mountainous area, moving tons of dirt and rock, requiring hundreds of trucks to pour concrete. The Wall section is at a 33% incline up the side of the mountain, and just under ½ a mile long.

We Build the Wall is a movement born out of the unwillingness of our elected officials to do their job and we thank our donors for banding together to increase our nations border security, as well as highlighting what it means to be an American on this Memorial Day.

You all put your faith in me, and I have fulfilled my promise. However, we are not done; we the people must rise up and see this task through, because congress is trying to obstruct our border security at every turn. Our nation needs us to complete this project and we may have to build it all!

I need your continued support so we can build more walls and continue to secure our southern border.

Please continue to donate to

If you support saving lives, ending drug wars and securing our country against an invasion of illegal trespassers, you must dig deep to continue this effort.

If all Americans, who’re fed up with the border disaster, would donate just a small amount, we could fund the whole project.

I know all of you will do as much as you can

God Bless

Brian Kolfage