Some excerpts:

HIPPA: This is “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996,” and it is not about individuals, or even businesses, asking you for private health info. Nope. Get that out of your head. It is a privacy law, and it is about health, but it’s about others who have access to your private health info spilling it.

With vaccines or what illnesses you’ve had, whether you’re in the hospital, your social, and so on, generally your doctors/hospitals/insurance companies can’t tell others without your consent.

That’s the general HIPAA rule. It is a duty of us in the medical field to keep the info you give us in confidence to help you with your medical situation confidential, and to make sure you can access it since it’s your info.

ADA: This is the Americans with Disabilities Act. Basically, its job is to protect you against discrimination due to your disabilities. And this one does apply to businesses as well as government. It (very generally) says no discrimination against those with disabilities for employment, public accommodations in commercial facilities, and telecommunications.

As in, this one does apply to private businesses.  So all those people saying a private business can make it’s own decision about who to let in, wrong! No, they can’t. They aren’t allowed to discriminate. People arguing it’s a private business therefore it’s their choice, obviously don’t know about the cases stating businesses can’t refuse to serve you due to the color of your skin, and know shit all about the ADA.

But they don’t worry about it, because the “good people,” wear masks, because the “good people” follow the rules. All of us not wearing masks. We’re the “bad people,” the “others,” we’re the people who don’t follow the rules.

And because of that, because we might inspire others to stop blindly following rules, because not wearing a mask might be about bucking the rules, we’re dangerous. And it’s okay to discriminate against the people who refuse to follow the rules, because then it’s not discrimination, you’re just making people follow the rules.