Camouflage is a method of crypsis (Hiding). It allows an otherwise visible organism or object to remain unnoticed, by blending with its environment. Examples include a tiger’s stripes, a Marine’s combat camos, a butterfly camouflaging itself as a leaf, a chameleon taking cover in a tree branch, or LaRaza, LULAC, MECHA, etc. portraying themselves as community organizers engaging in a “civil rights” crusade while embracing those unfailing terms, such as Hispanic & Latino.

The theory of camouflage covers various strategies employed to achieve both Offensive and Defensive effects. This extremely effective tactic was adopted by open border lobbyists by “hiding in the shadows” of terms such as “Latino” and in claiming ignorance of English so as to have an excuse to escape assimilation and continue hiding behind their “1st” language.

This tactic has also been helped along by the left who has accepted the establishment of the so-called “Chicano Studies” degree that has been offered by many U.S. institutions of higher education, though much like Hitler’s revisionist education in Nazi Germany solely resulted in brainwashing of young impressionable minds who continue to be unwittingly going along with the replication of what their own ancestors escaped from when they left Mexico, Central, and South America prior to 2000.

The irony of this claim of being a “civil rights” campaign is that it gained acceptance from those “do-gooders” who are going along to make up for an earlier time period where many from south of the US-Mexico Border and beyond experienced much discrimination. However, those days are long ago as Hispanics already have achieved acceptance going back decades.

La Raza is predominantly a Mexican organization and twin sister to none other than the Mexican Government’s Consulate. These networks are commonly known as 5th column agents assigned to assault our rule of law, our Constitution, and our way of life.

Upon examining the nature, mission, and strategy being employed by these seditious anti American organizations, a variety of probes, researches, and detailed studies were launched by an appointed committee. The evidence discovered was staggering. It clearly identified these seditious anti-American groups as proxies to Hamas, Hezbollah, and other similar radical Islamic terrorist organizations. These organizations have been sympathetic with Al-Qaeda in their writings, and support action against America and its citizens. They are highly anti-Semitic and rail against “ Zionists “ while masquerading as “ civil rights groups within the United States.

Saul Alinski’s rules for Radicals were certainly no stranger to these groups’ repulsive, and brutal behavior. The once mysterious and camouflaged so called “ Civil Rights Organizations “ have recently been exposed & are destined to fail in the not so distant future.

Although most of our borders have remained swinging back doors for anarchy and the creation of utopian societies enjoying complete freedom without government or American citizen interference this latest long over-do discovery will ensure our victory.

La Raza’s radical training and immoral mentality held our citizenry in captivity for decades, UNTIL NOW !


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