Legal Immigrants for America is the voice of millions of legal immigrants, their children, and descendants from all over the world.


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Legal Immigrants for America is the voice of millions of legal immigrants, their children, and descendants from all over the world.  They are a silent majority.

In response to The Miami Herald’s recent story “Who benefits from Florida’s sweeping bid to turn police into ICE agents? Big GOP donor”.  I should ask:  Who benefits from criminal illegal immigration?  Big Democrat donors, the Chamber of Commerce, industrialists in agriculture, construction, Restaurants, Landscaping and the list goes on.

The Venezuelans, along with others that fled communism, like the rule of law.  They’ve lived in chaos.  One of the greatest complaints the victims of Communism have, is that the United States of America opens its doors to the victims and the victimizers as well.   The victims enter poor and violated; the victimizers bring the stolen money to live like royalty.

The Trust Act passed in the city of Orlando.  It assured illegal aliens that the city would not enforce federal law.  They did not declare it as a Sanctuary city but have acted as one.  LIFA testified in front of the Orlando City Council and Mayor Buddy Dyer made sure to tell us (paraphrasing) that “Orlando welcomed all people, legal or illegal.  We don’t ask for papers”.

The United States spends $134.9 Billion dollars in the support of illegal aliens.  This cost is borne by the taxpayers.  We all know what “pay by play” looks like, and it is the opposite of what Governor De Santis is doing by passing a bill that protects American lives.

After the criminal aliens are gone, we will feel safer in our cities.  The Hispanic descendants in Florida will thrive, and show the rest of America how much they contribute to our society because they will be employed.  We won’t lose our children and grandchildren to New York or Chicago where they move to in order to find employment opportunities.  Latin Americans are conservative in their desire to keep their families around.  They will thank Governor DeSantis.

We cannot give validity to the attack against Governor Ron DeSantis by the Miami Herald’s Fabiola Santiago.  She obviously does not care for the safety of Floridians at all.  She does not seem to respect the rights of legislators to enact laws that are contrary to her ideology.   Her trying to discredit the motives for the enforcement of a good law will not work because we will all delight with the results.

When it comes to MONEY, the wealthiest party in history is today’s Democrat Party.  When you have leftists billionaires like George Soros, Warren Buffet, Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Amazon’s Besos, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and others donating to their party, politicians, and  organizations like Pueblo Sin Fronteras, La Raza, the SPLC, and many others, it is them that  can buy politicians on both sides of the aisle all day long!  It is The Swamp and it has a lot of power.  It’s in every state, including Florida.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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