Legal Immigrants for America (LIFA) Israel Trip Update


A word from Jim & Amapola in Israel: 5/11/2018

Every where we go over here it is peaceful and calm except at the new US embassy here in Jerusalem. There are so many tourists stopping by to take pictures and sing our national anthem and God Bless America that it creates a traffic jam. Many American flags and banners saying “Trump will make Israel great”

So far Monday/all around Gaza Tuesday/Haifa Caesaria Wednesday/northern Israel Lebanon border, Syria border, Jordon border, Golon heights, Galliee.Israel— jets fly over hotel low altitude to take out Iranians in Syria. Thursday/ more Golon heights and overnight Tiberias Friday go to Jezreel valley and Armageddon then on to Jerusalem and new US embassy.



By: Amapola Hansberger  5/10/2018

While we were sleeping at our hotel in Tiberius Iran launched 14 missiles at Israel . We believe that 9 misfired and never got out of Syria. The 5 that launched successfully were taken out by the Iron Dome defense system before they could do any damage.  12 hours later we were visiting the borders with Lebanon and Syria in the Golan Heights as if nothing had happened.  It was totally peaceful and the locals did not appear concerned.

Israelis are so used to this missile attacks that they ignore them and life goes on.  We continued to have or meetings in the border areas without much concern. We are now back in Tiberius and everything is calm.


Everything calm in Haifa after Trump announcements. Photo by Amapola Hansbeger

Jerusalem day parade. Photo by Amapola Hansbeger

US embassy in Tel Aviv.  Photo by Amapola Hansbeger

Jerusalem view from our hotel room.  Photo by Amapola Hansbeger



Tel aviv on the Mediterranean.  Jim & Amapola Hansberger

New US embassy with Americans singing.  Amapola Hansberger

LIFA President Amapola Hansberger hanging out with Judge Jeanine Pirro


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