“Let your Senators know how you stand”


Call to Action: Senate trial begins this week!

Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Action <jenny.beth@teapartypatriots


The sham of an impeachment trial starts in the Senate this week and we must all step up and make our voices heard! There is too much at stake to sit back and allow the left’s lies to take root! We are repeating last week’s action items because they are the most important ways we can fight impeachment, so even if you’ve already called your Senators – you must call again!

Action Item #1

Call both of your Senators to urge them to vote for acquittal when a vote comes. Let them know whether you watched the House hearings or read transcripts, etc., and you can say:


“The Democrats do not have anything on President Trump. This entire charade is based on simple hatred of President Trump. Even the articles of impeachment are weak and without a specific crime. I urge you to vote to acquit President Trump when the vote comes”  (in Florida for example they are)

Sen. Marco Rubio (R)

(202) 224-3041

Sen. Rick Scott (R)



Action Item #2

Be prepared to help us retweet and share on Twitter and Facebook later in the week as the trial begins. The trial will be in the afternoons. We need all hands on deck to spread messages, counteract what House Managers (Democrats) say President Trump did wrong, and explain what is true and correct to your network and personal sphere of influence.