Letter from Doctor Zelenko


Dear Friends of LIFA:

Was President Trump offered an apology by the Media for criticizing him so harshly when he said he was hopeful the hydroxychloroquin might be fruitful as a treatment of the Coronavirus and save lives! Some of us understood what he meant, and prayed for that, too. He was right.  And also, right in wanting to open our country asap before we fall into a depression and bring about a worse crisis. The medicine being worse than the disease.


If Supermarkets would continue to offer a Senior Citizen Shopping Hour with other stores following their example, the deaths would be reduced in that segment of the population.

If Stadiums, movie theaters, airplanes, and restaurants were to set up special seating for the over 65 and high-risk citizens for a determined number of months, that would help, too.

If the younger people would continue to take precautions such as distancing, frequent washing of hands, and self-quarantining when sick, our opening the USA would be a success story.


Above all, businesses and schools should have the ability to test their employees or students, or direct them to the clinic that is doing the free testing. These logical steps will inspire confidence.

I am attaching a letter sent by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of Monroe, New York, to the medical professionals around the world. You will delight in it.


May God bless the United States of America and bring healing to our land!


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America