Letter from military man in Afghanistan who says he is ashamed of the attitude of some House members



Here is an assessment of what this ex-military and now civilian contractor in Afghanistan saw the recent SOTU speech by President Trump. Everyone sees the speech and coverage of the House and Senate and invitees a little bit different. But this is a solid viewpoint, in my opinion.

A friend, formerly of Gulf Breeze, FL, retired military public information officer sent the following.  IMO, this guy is spot on in his assessment!


From a friend in Afghanistan.

Subject: Eyes wide open…

I realize this a little late, but keep in mind I am in Afghanistan and had to watch the State Of The Union on a recording the next day. I also had to work while all of this was going on. However, I do have a few words to say from what I observed.

Our Representatives in the House and Senate are civil servants. They are elected to represent their districts. They are not rulers or leaders. They work for us and are supposed to vote the way their constituents want. As far as civil servants go, they would be considered the elite, but still work for us none the less.

I saw a bunch of women dressed in white. Not a single American Flag lapel pin among them. They failed to stand and clap for an ICE agent who has saved hundreds of children from human trafficking. They failed to clap for a little girl who beat cancer. They failed to clap for just about anything that made America a better place. I guess the Democratic Party is still the Party of the KKK. It appears that they have gotten rid of their hoods over time. And let’s not forget that the League of Nazi Socialist Women who supported Hitler’s dream of a socialist paradise always went to public events dressed in white.

My biggest issue on what I saw was the hatred and lack of any respect whatsoever among the Democrats. It started with Nancy Pelosi and her stupid childish hand clap as the President of the United States entered. The State of the Union was a great speech. One of the best I have ever heard. If not the very best I have heard. He did not talk about Republican issues. He spoke of America’s issues. He spoke to and for the forgotten people of this country. When he spoke of all the accomplishments under his administration, they were astronomical. The Democrats sat and all looked pissed off. When he spoke of the way ahead to continue the forward progress of America, they sat and all looked pissed off. When he said we are here to compromise not for our political party, but for America, they sat and all looked pissed off.

Now, keep in mind, these are adults and elected officials. As a child, had I looked at my parents that way, I would have gotten my butt beat with a belt. As an adult in the military, I would have gotten Non-Judicial Punishment where they would have taken rank or money from me. As a civilian contractor, if I looked at my military counterparts or company supervisors that way, I would be fired and sent back home. If you are a person who goes out drinking at clubs, should you look at someone like that, you would be in a fight.

These people are NOT adults. They are very old petulant children. If their parents were still alive, their Dads would be taking a belt to them for being so disrespectful and childish. Every one of them is an embarrassment to their office, the government, and the United States. And that is exactly how the rest of the world sees them. I work with members from many countries over here. I am proud of my country. But I hang my head in shame when they talk about how childish our government officials are. For anyone who voted these people into office, how can you even stand to look at yourself in the mirror each morning?

I wish he would not wince words and let us know how he really feels about our congress!


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