LIFA concurs with the Remembrance Project’s sentiments and celebrates President Trump’s decision to stop compromising on DACA


LIFA concurs with the Remembrance Project’s sentiments and celebrates President Trump’s decision to stop compromising on DACA.”  Like he said:  He is the United States of America’s president.  Not Mexico’s”.


Honorable Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Subject: Stolen Lives Angel Moms are Counting on You

Dear Mr. President:

Today, we stand in firm opposition to your signing of any Congressional DACA amnesty or legal status for those persons here illegally who were previously protected by Obama’s illegal executive action, called “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” or DACA.

In contrast, we continue to support the America First Agenda upon which you were elected, and demand that you keep your campaign promises, which can only be achieved by the enforcement of current laws and legislating for the betterment of Americans.

The present DACA situation is the direct result of a failed GOP leadership by the very persons who fought so hard to prevent you from becoming President.  They want you to fail, where we want you to succeed. We do not forgive them and insist that you do not bargain away your principles for a weak bill that will leave your base support extremely disappointed and America less safe than ever before.

Americans are closely watching the current “fix” planned in the upcoming “DACA deal”.  Sadly, in yesterday’s bi-partisan conference on DACA, not once did anyone mention the tragedies of the families who inspired a nation to elect you, who bravely poured out their losses and suffering to the nation with you standing right next to them.  DACA is not a national priority, but a push by your enemies to weaken your policies and to force yet another amnesty pill down their throats.  We sit in disgust and contempt listening to the words of an untrustworthy House Speaker, when he declares that Congress must “make sure this DACA problem is solved” …The best way to solve this DACA problem is to not give in to amnesty, to build a barrier, enforce existing laws, mandate e-verify and follow an America First Agenda.

Angel Families are not moved by Senator Dick Durbin’s misplaced sympathies for DACA recipients as having “lives hanging in the balance”. You often spoke of our angel families, our loved ones, real Americans, who have suffered the most, who never receive the same sympathy as illegals.  It appears to the “Stolen Lives” families and everyone who voted for a Trump presidency, that, sadly, these families indeed have been forgotten, and again silenced. Beginning on July 10, 2015 in Los Angeles and through your “Round Table” meeting with our families in June 2017,  promised us, our grieving families, that you will stop this epidemic of killings.  DACA amnesty is antithetical to that promise and to that end.

In summary, there must be no DACA deal, you must use your powers as President to force the building of the wall, unequivocally enforce Title 8, Section 1324 of the U.S. Code, mandate universal E-verify, and stop chain migration.  America wants that. America needs that. And America was promised that.

Thank you and we, the undersigned, believe in you, the power of God and in the Constitution, and in Making America Great Again!

Maria Espinoza & Tim Lyng

The Remembrance Project


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