LIFA Founder’s Letter In The Sentinel


LIFA’s Fearless Founder responds to an opinion piece by a local uniformed reader of the Orlando Sentinel who insisted that illegal immigrants are an economic necessity in today’s United States. Here’s what our Founder had to say.

Legal Immigrants Do Things The Right Way!

There are some 80 million legal immigrants in America. I am one of them. We spent thousands of dollars and years of our lives conforming with the laws of the United States to become citizens. If uninvited people were to climb over the fence in your backyard, enter your house through the back door and sit down at your table and say, “Feed me,” would you welcome them? I don’t think so.

Legal immigrants and unauthorized immigrants have nothing in common. We legal immigrants are Americans and proud of it. We work and get paid above the table, and we pay our taxes. Our children have to compete for college openings with the children of the unauthorized. There are about 21 million Americans who involuntarily are not in the work force, and the few jobs that become available typically are given to unauthorized immigrants instead of our children because they will work for less pay.

This is not the way to keep the America we love as the land of opportunity. I lost one country to Marxism; I don’t want to lose another. God bless America.

Amapola Hansberger Winter Springs


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