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Calls Needed to Stop Yet Another Democrat AMNESTY

AMNESTY attempts by the Democrats have been going on for decades and public outrage has stopped them.  Please take the time to call as calls are really needed.  A vote is expected tomorrow, December 11, 2019, so your call must be made TODAY. 

Our Hill Staff has prepared a wonderful summary of this terrible bill. Read it at

Here are a few key excerpts:

Amnesty — H.R. 5038 would give amnesty–including work permits, green cards, and a path to citizenship–to illegal aliens who have been unlawfully employed in agriculture at least part time during the past two years. In fact, illegal aliens who spent just most weekends working in agriculture over two years would qualify.

H-2A Expansion — Rather than providing incentives for mechanization to reduce the need for manual labor, or even just streamlining the existing H-2A program, the sponsors of H.R. 5038 decided that it is time to complete the hollowing out of several other industries, in addition to seasonal farm work. They kept the numerically unlimited H-2A category for seasonal work, but created a new, non-seasonal, year-round category so that at least 20,000 (and potentially many more) low-paid foreign workers can be imported each year to work at dairies, meat-packing plants, fish canneries, nurseries, and more.

Indentured Servitude — Congress knows that giving amnesty to illegal agricultural workers will fail to produce a stable, legal workforce, because they’ve tried it before. Congress passed an agricultural amnesty in 1986, as part of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). But there was a catch: most of the amnestied ag workers left agriculture for better-paying jobs as soon as they got their work permits. The sponsors of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act decided to address this problem by regressing to the 17th Century practice of indenturing these newly amnestied agricultural workers for various durations, mainly four to eight years.

Click on the following link for NumbersUSA’s toll-free number and for your easy talking point: 

The amnesty bill we’ve been warning you about will be voted on in the House this week, and we need your help to stop it!

It’s called the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (H.R. 5038) and it must be defeated. This awful FAIR-opposed bill would give amnesty to over 1.5 million illegal alien farm workers, expand an already massive guest worker program, and add thousands of green cards – all for next to nothing in return.

Unlike past amnesty efforts over the summer, this bill has bipartisan support and could potentially receive consideration in the Senate if it passes the House. Why? Because it is a cheap labor giveaway to an industry that is very close to Republicans in both chambers.

All you have to do to help stop this amnesty is click the button below to contact your representative and tell them to VOTE NO ON H.R. 5038. It’s that easy.

Click here to contact your representative and urge them to VOTE NO!

(This works great and is easy!!.  Do it!)