LIFA Lobbies In Tallahassee



Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) recently lobbied Florida state representatives and state senators in the state’s capitol city of Tallahassee with regard to legal and illegal immigration issues, and particularly concerning the support and passage of HB 675 in Florida.

HB 675 is a fine bill which would end sanctuary cities in Florida and which would require state and local governments and law enforcement to support the enforcement of federal immigration laws, and which would prohibit them from enacting any law, policy, or practice which would prevent law enforcement officials from communicating or cooperating with federal immigration agents. The bill also would require law enforcement to detain people who are believed to be illegal aliens, and further would let the governor remove officials from office, in certain instances, if they refused to comply with the bill.

The bill also would require all public employees to report any violations directly to the Attorney General, and would permit state attorneys to seek injunctions against government agencies in violation of the act and fine them as much as $5,000 a day for said violations.

HB 675 also would allow the families of persons injured or killed by illegal aliens to sue local governments and law enforcement.

Florida Rep. Larry Metz of Yalaha, who sponsored HB 675, stated, “We have a problem that we have to build walls to keep people out of our country because we’re the greatest country in the world. Without both border security and internal enforcement, the system breaks down, and to fix it, we have to do our part in the state of Florida.”

Florida Rep. Julio Gonzalez of Sarasota added, “This bill is not an assault on immigrants. This bill is only to protect the very reasons why immigrants come to this country: to seek freedom.”

HB 675 passed the Florida House by a vote of 80-38, with only one Republican voting against it. A similar bill exists in the Florida Senate.

LIFA wholeheartedly supports the enactment of HB 675 and hopes that the Florida Senate follows the Florida House in passing the bill and sending it to the governor’s desk for his signature. HB 675 is desperately needed in Florida and in every other state in the nation, which is why LIFA was in Tallahassee to push for its passage!

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