LIFA Meeting with Florida 7th Congressional District representative Stephanie Murphy


On May 29 Stephanie Murphy held a town hall meeting in Lake Mary, Fl. This was promoted as an opportunity for her to listen to her constituents about their concerns. It turned out to be more of her telling the attendees what she wanted them to hear.

Questions asked at our table were related to security, democrat/socialism, health care, social security for immigrants, open borders, jobs, economy, illegal immigration, and E-verify.

The video shows clips of some of the questions and response. Ms. Murphy speaks well, but as with most political candidates especially in swing districts, she avoided anything of substance. You had the opportunity to ask a question, but not allowed to rephrase the question when the answer was unresponsive.

The 7th Congressional District is a very evenly matched district that has been represented by both a Republican and Democrat and has voted primarily for Republican candidates for President. At least in part due to this Ms. Murphy’s answers were political and careful to not offend anyone, no matter what side they were on. Ms. Murphy was not looking for back and forth discussion.

She indicated concern over the illegal immigrants flooding into the country, but her only solution seemed to be “comprehensive immigration reform” with the first step being a path to citizenship or amnesty for those who are here illegally. I heard no exception for criminals. The questions about deporting criminal aliens and continued free healthcare and free housing for illegal aliens went unanswered. The question of enforcing E-verify was also avoided.

Overall Ms. Murphy said she was a capitalist, but wants to change it. She would not take a position of criticism or disagreement with the hardcore socialists of the party such as Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC). She also said she was willing to work with Trump and had met with him 5 times, but there was nothing she indicated she could agree with him on. At no time in the discussion was there any indication that Ms. Murphy disagreed with any position of the house leadership, no matter how extreme those positions might be.  We noticed a real anger when an unanswered question was repeated.  Although most specific questions were never answered it was clear there was no hard-left position that she would take issue with and there was nothing that Trump has or could do that she would support. Not hard to see why there is so much gridlock in congress with representatives like this.

Interestingly discussions were held at our table before meeting with Congresswoman Murphy and the impressions were generally favorable, but discussions with table participants after meeting with her was much less positive. It was disappointing.

Please click on the photo below to watch