LIFA member comments on why the Washington swamp doesn’t like Donald Trump.


Oh The Tales They Spin!


The President’s opposition is enthusiastically venturing down an all too familiar albeitconvoluted avenue.  According to the latest imaginary tale, President Donald J. Trump, and by proxy all his voters, are certifiable racists with a nationalist bend.

Remember that famous proverb?  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Not to steal their thunder, but if this whole racist/nationalist thing falls apart, rest assured another concocted (vile, orange man) drama will be sure to unfold in no time.

Throughout his almost five decades conducting high profile business deals and prior to his election, the President interacted with an extensive contingent of people of varying stripes.  They constituted every conceivable racial and ethnic mix and cultural background.  Mr. Trump was never accused of being a racist or harboring nefarious, nationalist tendencies.  Even though, plenty of supposed fact checking sites have been rather busy lately revising history, hoping the racist moniker will stick.

The racism narrative, simmering under the daily lede surface, has fully erupted for one reason and one reason only – Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States – and They hate him for it.

His opponents never in their wildest dreams imagined the 2016 election outcome – and They hate him for it.

He beat Hillary Clinton– and They hate him for it.

He’s appointing constructionist judges to the various judicial benches – and They hate him for it.

He (fill in your favorite blank) – and They hate him for it.

He’s also insisting on the construction of some type of border barrier to stem the current, mostly unencumbered, incessant flow of illegal immigrants – and They REALLY hate him for that!

He’s now proposing to actually enforce a 1996 law that was passed on a bipartisan basis, preventing present and potential immigrants from obtaining green cards if they currently or likely in the future avail themselves of any type government assistance, saving U.S tax payers billions of dollars. – and They are apoplectic about this implementation of existing immigration laws, while Their hate has no limits.

Does this enforcement of immigration laws imply overt racism?  Absolutely not!

The Administration’s prison reform positively affected communities of color.  The unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics are at historic lows.

Would you rather extend your hospitality to a turquoise maned neighbor glowing green with purple polka dots, who considers the Constitution this nation’s legal basis and believes in “The American Trinity” aka, “In God we Trust,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “Liberty?” Or a person who bears your skin color, but considers the founding documents only suitable for birdcage liners, and chafes at the bit to live under socialist rule?

This country has and still is welcoming more LEGAL immigrants and resettling refugees annually than any other nation.

Tax payer monies should first and foremost benefit Americans and not support an underclass of  immigrants, who cannot pull their own weight and who are draining the system at the expense of U.S. citizens.  The freebies promised by progressives serve to entice the Third World to head for our shores.  The Left would like nothing more than to change our demographics in such a manner as to hand them and their allies a permanent majority.

Donald Trump is standing in their way – and They hate him for it.  Never mind what’s good for America!


A LIFA member