LIFA member speaks out on the Florida election fraud


Ms Edwards:

I was appalled and angered when I saw your remarks regarding Governor Scott in today’s paper (Tue, 11/13).  If you truly believe there is not a voter fraud problem in this state, it is YOU WHO ARE OFFENSIVE AND IRRESPONSIBLE AND MIGHT I ADD, COMPLETELY GULLIBLE?

Do I believe there is a voter fraud issue in Florida?

YES!  In fact I know it, the evidence is everywhere.  Are you having some sort of “block” where you cannot detect the evidence that has been in plain sight since the year 2000?  I believe that is the year you were elected to office you have clearly been in office too long.

Do I think Gillum and Nelson are involved?  YES

Do I believe Democrats exploit the voting system in Florida every election?  YES

Do I believe there is voter fraud in Polk County?  YES I DO

Do I believe you are aware of it?  YES I DO

Do I think there are many illegals who vote, dead people on Polk Voter rolls, people who vote more than once, people who come to Florida from other residences in other states, vote illegally and get away with it here in Polk and throughout Florida?  YES

Do I believe you know it, keep it quiet and let it happen?  YES I DO

Did you not know about the decision of the Florida Supreme court to suppress the votes of thousands of legal voters by making it possible for thousands of illegal votes to be counted?

How do you think Jeff Mann was listed as a Democrat in one of the counties in FL D-56?   I’ll tell you how, because voting offices are complicit in these matters.  If this had been a reverse situation with two democrats running and one being listed as Republican, this matter would have been headline material in the “Ledger, the birdcage dropping rag” for weeks.  The person who made the “mistake” would have been outed, fired and perhaps under charges.  We both know it.  If the outcome of the election had been different i.e. Gillum and Nelson won, there would be no boxes of votes found in the closets of schools by teachers who just happened to be friends with their congress person.  There would be no discoveries of boxes of ballots in the trunks of rental vehicles.  When a close race favors a Republican candidate, it’s amazing how voted ballots just start coming out of the woodwork!

Your remarks, Ms. Edwards, are the ones that are reprehensible simply because you KNOW very well that Governor Scott is correct in what he said.  You are a democrat Ms. Edwards… are showing your bias by your ridiculous statement, claiming that poll workers are volunteers and somehow “hurt or insulted” by his comment.  NO, they are trained and paid for what they do.  The hurt and insult comes from people like you who deny that there is a problem that is very clear to every person who cares about fair elections in this state.

There are irregularities every single election in this state and seemingly always in the same counties and all blue counties as necessary.  You as a responsible leader in Florida elections should at least possess the gumption and leadership skills to admit to that and be invested in helping this problem get solved.  However being a democrat I trust you about as much as I trust any other democrat.  By not speaking out and acting upon this problem, YOU ARE COMPLICIT.

Governor Scott’s mistake was not removing “Dr” Snipes from office years ago and pursuing prosecution for her constant abuses in office-he is now paying the price along with the rest of Florida for his lack of leadership.  We pay the price now because people who should be working to correct this situation, such as yourself, remain quiet and allow it to happen.

You should have spoken up in 2016 when the good “DR” admitted that she had knowingly violated the voting laws in Florida.  Why didn’t you speak up then? Why didn’t you demand her removal from office?  How many thousands of tax payer dollars are being and have been wasted by just your failure to speak up?  Florida could have avoided once again being the laughing stock of the rest of the nation because we can’t get our voting system together.  Thank you so much for all your efforts.  We will remember when you come up for re-election…..I believe that will be 2020.

You state in the article that “there is a process in place to make every vote count”, does that only mean legal votes?  I have to wonder.

Glynnda White