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Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) has returned from an extremely successful tour of speaking engagements across Illinois. LIFA engaged hundreds of people at its various speaking engagements, and even sold out of copies of both THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION and the new 2016 IMMIGRATION VOTER’S GUIDE because they were so popular at all of the events!

LIFA began its Illinois tour by speaking to the Knox County Tea Party in Galesburg. Dick Conklin did a great job hosting the event, and LIFA also was pleased to meet Patrick Harlan, who is running for Congress in the 17th District. LIFA’s Founder, Amapola Hansberger, also met a fellow legal immigrant and Nicaraguan relative at the Galesburg event!

LIFA next traveled to Decatur and spoke to the Restore Our Constitution Tea Party at the Decatur Conference Center and Hotel. What a great group! Pam Johnson did a spectacular job in hosting the event, and LIFA spent almost an hour after the speaking engagement in a long Q&A session with the group. The Decatur group bought every single copy of THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION on hand and also took away every single copy of the 2016 IMMIGRATION VOTER’S GUIDE! Fortunately, LIFA was able to locate a local office supply store which printed up more copies of the 2016 IMMIGRATION VOTER’S GUIDE for the rest of the Illinois trip!

The following evening LIFA was scheduled to speak to the Huntley Area Tea Party in Huntley, as hosted by Catherine Portera, but a tornado watch caused the event to be canceled for safety reasons. Only a natural disaster could stop LIFA in Illinois!

LIFA’s final event in Illinois was a speaking engagement in Rockford to the Northern Illinois Tea Party at the Stockholm Inn, a local restaurant which is very famous for its Swedish food and delicacies. Jane Carrell did a wonderful job hosting the event, and LIFA also was pleased to meet Wylie Douglass of the Illinois Leadership Project. Several local legal immigrants were in the crowd in Rockford, and they shared their respective stories of being legal immigrants from Belgium, Sweden, and Indonesia. LIFA filmed their wonderful immigration stories and will be posting them soon on the LIFA website.

LIFA traveled nearly 1,000 miles across Illinois and spoke to hundreds of people. It was an  outstanding trip, and LIFA hopes to be back in Illinois before the Nov. 8 election!

Be sure to join the hundreds of people in Illinois who purchased THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION! Simply click on the blue “Donate” button at the top of the home page at, make an online donation of $25 or more, and LIFA will send you a copy of THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION at no extra charge! People in Illinois and all across the United States are buying THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION at record rates! Order your copy today at!

Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

All donations to LIFA are deductible as charitable donations for income tax purposes.



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