LIFA Visits Myrtle Beach


LIFA-Visits-Myrtle-BeachLegal Immigrants For America (LIFA) was a featured exhibitor at the recent South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in Myrtle Beach.

LIFA had a very impactful presence at the event over 3 days, as thousands of attendees visited the LIFA exhibitor table and received several LIFA resources about a variety of legal and illegal immigration issues affecting the United States today.

LIFA also conducted radio and TV interviews at the event, including one – believe it or not – with the Huffington Post! LIFA strongly engaged the Huffington Post and all other media outlets at the event with our message: promote legal immigration; enforce immigration laws; strengthen our borders; build a wall; oppose amnesty; defund sanctuary cities; prohibit all immigration from Muslim countries; and, prohibit all Syrian refugees from entering the country, for we know that terrorists are hiding among them.

5 Republican presidential candidates spoke at the Myrtle Beach convention, including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum, and LIFA was quick to engage all candidates and their campaign teams about issues affecting legal and illegal immigration in the United States. LIFA knows for a fact that multiple GOP presidential campaigns are visiting our website on a regular basis to read our articles and watch our videos, and LIFA also knows for a fact that we have influenced the legal immigration public policy positions of multiple GOP presidential candidates.

It was a very successful long weekend in Myrtle Beach, and next week LIFA is off to Las Vegas to speak to the Las Vegas Valley Tea Party, the Virgin Valley Tea Party, the America First Latinos luncheon, and to a host of other GOP legislators and tea party activists.

LIFA urgently needs your financial support to continue our national tour in 2016 as we educate Americans and hold the politicians’ and candidates’ feet to the fire on issues affecting legal and illegal immigration!

Please donate online to LIFA today, and please make as generous a gift as possible to support the nation-saving work of LIFA!

LIFA urgently needs your support, and we are very grateful to you for as generous a gift as you can provide today!

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