President Donald J. Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20500


Dear President Trump:

LIFA applauds the Raise Act and with it the requirement that immigrants learn to speak English, and have the ability to support themselves.  In effect, a repeal of the 1965 Immigration & Nationality Act also known as The Hart-Celler Act.  Those that migrated before that date, were expected to learn English and had to sign they would not be a “burden to the American taxpayers”.  They had to swear they were not Communists.

While the above decision is a clear improvement to our immigration laws, the honoring of DACA and DAPA is not.  Mr. Obama’s decision to allow these programs was a political decision and had nothing to do with improving the life of Americans or legal immigrants.

LIFA finds DACA to be discriminatory against legal immigrants and refugees, especially from Latin America where so many have lost the battle against Communism and the migration from these nations has been extraordinary.  In the last eight years, it was very difficult for the legal immigrant to find employment.  Many of the jobs that would have gone to them were instead offered to those who came to our country illegally.

Employers in the Agricultural, Hospitality, Construction and Landscaping sectors gave preference to hiring low skilled illegal aliens so they could pay lower salaries, have them work longer hours, and skip the requirement of buying health insurance for them.  The legal immigrants and refugees could not compete.

The illegal alien, their children, and the Muslim “New American” brought by the UN, thrived during the previous administration.  The forgotten American suffered in silence and observed the negative attitude toward the American rule of law by these new arrivals. This was reflected in the Washington Times, where the Director of Advocacy at “United We Dream”, Greisa Martinez Rosas is quoted to have said: “Make no mistake, this is our home and we are here to stay!”

LIFA does not endorse lawlessness and would like to see DACA and DAPA repealed.


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America