Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) will be the featured guest on The Dwight Lilly Show this Wednesday night, June 1, 2016, beginning at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST.

The Dwight Lilly Show is heard on the KCOR Digital Radio Network and is based in the Las Vegas/Pahrump area. Recently when LIFA appeared on The Dwight Lilly Show, people in 37 different nations across the globe were listening to the interview.

To hear LIFA on The Dwight Lilly Show on June 1 at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST, simply click on the following link to listen live to the broadcast:

Please support LIFA today so that we can continue to sponsor outstanding, conservative, pro-legal immigration radio programming like The Dwight Lilly Show.

If you give LIFA a gift of $25 or more, then we will be delighted to send you, free of charge, a copy of our critically-acclaimed new book entitled THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION. Our new book is a thorough study of what the Bible tells us about the responsibilities of the immigrant, the government, and the Christian, and this book must be read by every Christian and every patriot who is concerned about the issues of legal and illegal immigration in the USA. Simply click on the blue “Donate” button at the top of the home page at today to make your gift to LIFA and receive THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION.

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Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

All donations to LIFA are deductible as charitable donations for income tax purposes.


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