Lots Going on in the Washington Swamp



This will have to be a combined email. READ ALL THE WAY DOWN. A lot of stuff going on:

1.  The House of Representatives is considering an amnesty proposal, side-by-side with the Goodlatte bill. Both provide some kind of amnesty, but the Goodlatte bill only allows for 3 year work permits for about 700 illegal aliens already signed up under Obama’s DACA program. It also provides everything needed for the Wall, as well as an end to the Diversity Visa lottery, reduces overall immigration numbers, ends chain migration, mandates E-Verify, and cracks down on sanctuary cities. Except for the work permits it is pretty good, so of course RINOs and all the Dems are against it.

The competing bill, something House Speaker Paul Ryan came up with is infinitely worse. According to Chris Hull, a very good analyst, along with another Breitbart post (both of which I am shamelessly copying), here is the worst of it:

The Ryan Amnesty has the potential to be the largest amnesty in history. Ryan’s plan would allow the entire “DACA population” to be eligible for amnesty so long as they meet low educational, work and criminal requirements, prompting the amnesty to explode in size.

That DACA population could include the nearly 3.5 million DACA-enrolled and DACA-eligible illegal aliens, and even more illegal aliens who arrive in the U.S. to fraudulently obtain the amnesty.

NumbersUSA Governmental Affairs Director Rosemary Jenks told Breitbart News that Ryan’s amnesty will — at the least — allow 1.8 million illegal aliens to stay in the U.S.

“This has the potential to turn into the biggest amnesty we’ve ever had,” Jenks said.

There is a lot more to dislike, but obviously this has to be stopped. So:

1. Call the White House to say “Remember your pledge to us! Oppose the Ryan Amnesty plan.” 202-456-1414
2. Call as many GOP lawmakers as you can (starting with your home state) to say “Please oppose the Ryan plan, or anything similar.”

President Trump is apparently meeting with Congress today to discuss the two immigration bills. And now the GOP wants to do something because of the pressure about separating “the kids” from illegal alien parents. Pretty sure they will get that whole thing exactly wrong because perception in DC is everything. All the more reason to ask President Trump to keep his head while the rest of them are losing theirs!

  1. Don’t forget to sign up for and watch the Shahram Hadian webinar, this coming Sunday, June 24, at 8 pm eastern. Go HERE to sign up.
  2. Deborah Weiss of the Center for Security Policy will be presenting on a webinar this coming Thursday, June 21, at 7:15pm eastern. The very timely topic will be: Islamist Censorship: Its Roots, Purpose & Role in the 2018 Michigan Governor’s Race. Go HERE to sign up.
  3. In case you missed it, Secure Michigan put on another webinar last Saturday. This was advertised in a previous Swamp Report, but it was really good. Featured Frank Gaffney, Phil Haney, Anni Cyrus, Farah Prudence and Pastor Don McKay. Go HERE to watch the podcast.
  4. There are many other good posts I can’t get to but here are three that you should see:
    1. How Many Somali Refugees has the U.S. Admitted Since 1983? By Ann Corcoran. Answer: a lot! These data are difficult to obtain.
    2. World Refugee Day cancelled in Lewiston, Maine By Ann Corcoran. This one indicates that the chickens are coming home to roost in Lewiston, which has taken thousands of Somalis since 2001.
    3. Ramadan draws to bloody close as Western schools, media, even some churches give Islam a high five. By Leo Hohmann. By the way Leo, a Pocket member, is on his own now, no longer with WND. If you have it in your means, try to support his work. This is a tough business in the best of times, and these are NOT the best of times.

Stay well. Stay safe. Keep up the fight!

Jim Simpson