Many more conservative politicians running for office with a platform of stopping illegal immigration.


1,172 children in North Carolina will never get their innocence back.


Too often, when we debate illegal immigration and the costs, we miss the human costs of illegal immigration. 

You see, in North Carolina in the last year and a half, 331 illegal aliens have been charged with 1,172 counts of rape or sexual assault against a child.

So as we discuss the dollar cost of illegal immigration, we need to keep in mind the 1,172 North Carolinian children who will never get their innocence back– because our government refused to enforce its own immigration laws and at least deport or jail the worst offenders of the worst illegal immigrants.

Thom Tillis has allowed these illegal immigrants to stay unchecked. Not once has he supported a wall. Not once has he stepped up enforcement of our immigration laws.

Not one time, not in five years in the U.S. Senate.

Imagine that was your kid.  Knowing that Thom Tillis implicitly sanctioned sexual assault against those children, how does that make you feel?

For my side, it makes me angry! For God’s sake, it should make every North Carolinian and every American very angry!!!!

How dare the career politicians let this happen! How dare liberals like Thom Tillis lecture us sanctimoniously about how we need to show compassion for these illegal immigrants.

I have compassion too, Senator. I have compassion for the 1,172 children whose innocence was stolen by illegal immigrant criminals. 

I have compassion for the Americans whose jobs are being taken unfairly by these line-cutters.

We cannot reward these people. NO citizenship, not EVER, for anyone who attempts to immigrate illegally.

We must work to have politicians with compassion for Americans, not for lawbreaking illegal immigrants!

It’s time for Conservatives to stand up and fight these career politicians and their misguided allegiances.

This is why I am running. Someone has to be fearless enough to restore sanity to an insane capitol. It’s time to take more power away from the career politicians who would spend our money on foreigners who abuse the system.

Everyone who is for open borders is for the sexual assault of children. That much is clear now.

I’m not in this to represent illegal aliens…. I’m in it to represent the people of North Carolina. 

If you can give me any support to help me fight for Americans, I will gladly accept it. The Federal maximum is $2800 per individual, $5600 per couple.

Let’s focus on fixing what is clearly broken instead of rewarding those who abuse the system. As always, I am grateful for your support.

For God and Country,

Sandy Smith

Republican candidate for Senate, North Carolina


Military Mom