Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, left, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are both big supporters of foreign guest-worker visas that allow U.S. companies to outsource skilled labor positions.

Nevada construction worker Paul Arnold will be standing out front of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Saturday with his 8-year-old son, leading a protest and calling for a boycott of the iconic American company for its anti-American hiring policies.

But more than anything he said he’ll be protesting the policies of GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

It was Disney’s decision to fire 250 tech workers in its IT department and force them to train their foreign replacements. The Indian workers who will replace them will come to America on H1B “guest worker” visas and earn about $62,000 per year, compared to the $100,000 salaries of the Americans they replaced.

Arnold said he realizes that the entertainment giant was merely taking advantage of laws that allow businesses to give American workers the heave ho in favor of cheaper foreign labor — but it’s members of Congress like Rubio who are the real problem.

Rubio, who supported the immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in 2013 but died in the House, now wants to triple the number of H1B visas handed out to temporary guest workers every year. He is co-sponsoring the “I-Squared” bill with a group of Democrats and moderate Republicans.

‘The amnesty man’

Rubio, who portrays himself as a strict conservative on the presidential campaign trail, “just doesn’t get it” when it comes to outsourcing American jobs, said Arnold, who heads up an anti-amnesty group called Make Them Listen.

He is partnering with John Oliver of Floridians for a Sustainable Population in calling for a boycott of Disney.

“For some reason, a lot of people like Rubio as a candidate and I have no idea why,” Arnold said. “The guy has lied time and again. He was on the Gang of Eight and to this day he’s pushing for the I-Squared bill and still supports amnesty. We call him the amnesty man.”

“But a lot of Republican voters don’t know what’s going on,” Arnold said, and they’re fooled by Rubio’s boyish charm and articulate speaking skills. “They don’t pay attention. They don’t dig too deep. They’re too impatient.”

Rubio is working with Democrats like Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota to co-sponsor the I-Squared bill, which is also supported by Disney CEO Bob Iger, and a host of corporate lobbies that want to bring in more foreign guest workers with technology skills, even though studies show American IT graduates are coming out of universities and finding a shortage of IT job openings. Wages for IT workers have also been stagnant for the past 10 years, which economists such as Ron Hira of Howard University and Hal Salzman of Rutgers say is a direct symptom of the glut of IT workers in the U.S.

So why would Rubio want to bring in more foreign IT workers?

Some say that question is best answered by looking at his major backers.

The I-Squared bill has the backing of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Software Alliance and heavyweight execs from Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo and Google among others.

Rubio made a fundraising stop on June 9 to the home of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, seeking fresh cash for his presidential campaign, according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Oracle’s top dogs have repeatedly made clear they’re big backers of comprehensive immigration reform,” wrote the Chronicle’s Carla Marinucci.

Oliver will be leading a protest against Disney World in Orlando at same time Arnold is protesting at Disneyland in Anaheim.

“My son and I drove down here all night from Tahoe, got here at 3 in the morning, and found Travelocity did not book our hotel room,” he said. “But we finally got a room and we’re ready to go.”


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