Dear Friends of LIFA:

I was honored to be asked, as President of Legal Immigrants for America, to come testify in front of the joint session of the Legislature of Massachusetts in the State Capitol, Boston. With me was another legal immigrant and naturalized American LIFA member from Germany with a powerful testimony.

We sat there all day, watching mostly leftist politicians overwhelmingly favor the Sanctuary State idea. They seemed to have their minds made up and no matter the evidence they did not show any sympathy to the opposing arguments. Testifying were great minds like Jessica Vaughan who was ruthlessly attacked because of her organization, Center for Immigration Studies, is on the list of “hate groups” by the SPLC.

Needless to say, that migrants to these legislators means both legal and illegal immigrants. They do not know how to differentiate between the two. When someone mentioned to them what an affront it was to legal immigrants to see the preferential treatment illegal aliens receive, it fell on deaf ears.

We know the comingling of legal and illegal immigrants is of great importance to them. They need to give the illegal aliens the respect legal immigrants have carved out with their lawful behavior and good citizenship. Legal immigrants are afraid to testify and of being called hateful and other horrible names, I said. That is the reason not many of them come. But the “migrants” (or illegal aliens) testified in great numbers.

The talking points were the same. Like marionettes manipulated by a puppeteer, all posed as victims of a monstrous regime that insists on the rule of law. All felt entitled to be in America. All displaying extreme ignorance between lawful and unlawful behavior. All embracing the idea that Sanctuary cities and states will protect them when the opposite is true. Sanctuary cities and states attract criminals and no one is safe in their proximity.

Some testified in Spanish, some cried, a child of about 12 years old described the nightmare he lives every day fearing he will return home and his parents have been deported. All very sad. I dared not say that this is what birthright citizenship has done. It is an aberration that promotes this kind of disaster. Parents come to give birth and then abandon their children instead of taking them home when deported.

Either we do what Mexico does which is: They educate the foreigner that they must raise their children in their home country and at the age of 18 the young person can come and claim his citizenship, or we stop awarding citizenship to the children of foreigners!

The SPLC does what has always worked in the past. “Tell a big lie. Repeat it over and over and pretty soon it becomes the truth.”  V. Lenin and Hitler said that. That Sanctuary States are safe for anyone is a very big lie.

The outcome in Mass? We don’t know. My impression was that the majority of the politicians had decided already. But, who knows, miracles happen every day in our beloved country.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America